Austin Laverty



1/2013 — TODAY gets you awesome deals on Hotels, Flights and Rental Cars.

Senior Front-End Developer

Throughout my career at Priceline I have been heavily involved with modernizing their Front-End workflow which includes, but certainly not limited to, defining and re-architecting multiple ecommerce web client applications based on what we expect from a modern tech stack, embracing ES2015+, building and maintaining platform agnostic web components, advocating specific frameworks and libraries, and of course mentoring those I work with. Having touched many parts of the site, and multiple products which require unique business logic, I often move from team to team to help them reach a particular high priority goal.

Pappas Group

5/2011 — 1/2013
Pappas Group is a full-service agency that develops brands for the connected era.

Web Developer

Working at Pappas Group got knee-deep in a bunch of code straight out of college, having worked with a vast array of clients I was able to get up to speed on all sorts of projects. Duties ranged from building and at times leading the front end development for various CMS driven sites (Drupal, WordPress, etc), building landing pages that usually had more compelling JS driven experiences, and of course the dreaded HTML email template.


Virginia Commonwealth University

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Class of 2011

Graphic Design

Art School. Really, really fun stuff, especially Graphic Design. I worked on all sorts of projects, mostly of the print variety. The first year was Art Foundation with your classic drawing, surface, spacial, and time based 3 hour studio classes. In gDes we touched everything from Typography, Print, Sequential and Motion design.